smoldering smoke... this too shall pass 🙂

Current Conditions: mostly stifling

temperatures… hot hotter and hottest

wind… nonexistent

humidity… yes

heat index… off the charts

UV index…don’t ask

chance of rain…fat chance!

visibility… smoky haze

That’s the way it’s been here in Jacksonville recently. It’s been going on for quite a while now. There is rain in the forecast, so maybe some relief coming.

I love the outdoors but am not a huge fan of the heat, and add smoldering smoke to the equation and it makes me want to avoid the activities that I usually enjoy the most.

This leaves me out of balance… so I feel the need to think outside the box and readjust in a positive way…

I need to view this time in an opportunistic way…

Exercise is the most challenging for me when the weather prohibits outdoor activity. I like to run outside… but for now will settle for a treadmill.

Loading up on the fun indoor activities, like watching movies, spending more time connecting with the family, or even tackling a home improvement project.

How do you adjust when changes to the weather create an opportunity to mix up ?