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Processing our thoughts through our heart.

Is this possible?

I wrote about  The Link Between The Heart, Mind And Soul a few months ago. If I want to always process my thoughts in the context of Our Greatest Commandments, I need to think about processing my thoughts through my heart. With the gift of God’s amazing love in my heart, I am provided the ability to do this.

one of God's natural dams with a soothing series of waterfalls

When the abundance of God’s fruit fills our hearts and overflows it is like the energy stored within waters held behind a dam: the water has reached a more significant potential than it ever could have on its own, without the dam. The dam helps the water build up and store its energy in the same way God can fill our hearts to become overflowing rivers of love and joy that touch the lives of all who cross our paths.

“It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3: 22-23

When I wake up every morning the tone is set for my whole day. I am generally at peace and eager to serve the Lord. God’s faithfulness to me gives me the strength and passion to eagerly seek pleasing Him throughout the day… every day. His unwavering love warms my heart. It sends a clear and consistent message to me… there isn’t a bunch of interference or ambiguity. I can readily identify its context. That warmth transforms into a desire to please Him even more, and draws me in even closer. It is His faithfulness to me that I can count on… not the other way around… He is the constant, the known.

This draw calls me to just be me. Though His faithfulness to me, I know that He knows me… and accepts me. God accepts me, and you too. God accepts us for just who we are. I’m certain He would like for me to transform by growing in my relationship with Jesus, but at the same time he readily accepts me just as I am.

Turn the Holy Spirit loose in your life and He will turn your heart into a beautiful and lovely organ. You will know the wonders of His great love…

Finding His love starts with identifying with His faithfulness…

and through the desire to please Him… and know Him.

I really want to know Him.

Do you hear all of heaven and nature singing?

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