Welcome to I’m Just Thinkin’ and thank you for stopping by!

“Chris, why in the world,” you may be wondering, “would you want to do this blog thing?” Great question! And the answer is…

  • Somewhere along the journey God got me fired up about writing, and the Spirit moved me to start sharing here at I’m Just Thinkin’. He’s put the passion in my heart to write write write and I’m thinkin’ book book book!! Plus I’d really like to do my best to be A Fruity 1.
  • I’ve had several friends recently encourage me to start writing more.
  • I’m Just Thinkin’ is the proving ground for my writing and books… what’s working, interesting and exciting… and maybe what’s not.

What do I write about? The Central Themes, or Categories here at I’m Just Thinkin’ are:

  • Peace, Love and Unity – These posts are near and dear to my heart, some really important and relevant stuff !!
  • Breathing Deep – What I’m learning on my daily walk through life…
  • Geology – I have a special thing for God’s creation.
  • Soul Food – The Category For Inspiration
  • Odds & Ends – Most anything goes here… I try to stay on point but occasionally will mix in something about shoes, real food, and other miscellany too.

I will share my opinion occasionally and will also at times rip on myself and popular culture in general.

I usually post something here once a week. I would encourage you to sign up for e-mail updates, this is an easy way to stay current on my posts. Your comments are very valuable to me and I learn from your input, please post your thoughts or e-mail me.

a little about me…

I’m Chris Vonada… from a small town in central Pennsylvania, and lived there until at age 10 my family moved to Vero Beach, Florida. I have been living in Jacksonville, Florida and practicing Geology as a consultant since graduating from the University of Florida in 1992.

You can also find me at Wellspring Consultants, on facebook and Twitter, and on Linkedin.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and actively serve and worship the Lord. I also enjoy running, reading, traveling, cooking and outdoor activities.

I hope that you’ll join me on this journey, let me know what you think, and subscribe or check back to see what this is all about.

Be Great,