Last week was a busy one… two sick grandchildren, my daughter Allie’s wedding is this coming Saturday, and a backlog of work, on the tippy top of the normal day-to-day.

I’ve found myself overwhelmed at the moment with too many commitments.

Following my own advice I went back and reviewed my post “Simplify Life With 6 Fun Mathematical Expressions.”

It was helpful but what I really needed this time around was not on the list:

I really needed to Recharge… rest… focus on Him and listen to God’s voice.

I’ve found I can run pretty hard for quite a while but sooner or later I need a breather… and this weekend was just that!

Taking a break and focusing on God is needed as a priority – I mentioned this under Regroup in the “Simplify Life” post… it’s also a part of Recharge…

and God’s great love is always a part of being A Happy Camper!

What do you do when you feel like you need a break and need to recharge?