Halftime in a football game is a time when the team can think on their game plan, reflect on what happened in the first half, and make adjustments as necessary to achieve their goal.

Do you remember your new year’s resolution?

As we’re half way through the year it’s a great time to reflect on this one and see how we’re doing…

My resolution was based on one short Bible verse…

Exodus 33:13: “Let me know Your ways so I may know You, so that I may find favor in Your sight.”

I wrote about my new years resolution in “Walking With The Daddy”, also a book review of “In Step With God,” by Charles Stanley.

In the book Dr. Stanley writes:

“Why is it important to know the One who knows all about you? The answer is simple: when you come to a point where you understand His ways, your life takes on new meaning. You stop looking at old problems and feeling defeat, fear and anxiety. Suddenly, you realize that the Person who gave you life has set an amazing course for you to follow.”

I feel like I’m doing pretty good with this one, having spent considerable time praying and studying about, as well as reflecting on, getting to know God better. I’m continuing to try to get to know God more deeply, intimately and purposefully.

How is your progress on the new year’s resolution going?