“Let’s take a walk”…

If the apostle Paul said this to you, you had better put on your good walking shoes.

I’ve been reading through the second half of the Book of Acts and it’s mainly about the apostle Paul’s mission trips. He went on three of them. Logging some 13,000 miles over land and sea (by boat, not walking on water). He hiked over mountains and through weather. There’s even a map in the back of my Bible that shows his trek through the Roman Empire. His missionary journeys took place over a period of 9 years. So when Paul went for a walk it typically took three years? Gadzooks!! I enjoy traveling but would prefer to get on the go in a Land Cruiser loaded with gear.

When Paul went on a mission trip he wasn’t always received with open arms… jailed, striped, beaten, stoned, heckled… “Christ in me” was so precious to Paul that he wanted everyone to share it, no matter his own personal cost. He was the chosen instrument to take the message of the Lord to the gentiles and to kings, as well as the people of Isreal. Somewhere along the way he also found the time to write a good portion of the New Testament. And this dude was previously the leader of a persecution campaign against anyone who believed in Christ, prior to his personal encounter with Jesus. A wonderful transformation, and what an inspiration to read of Paul’s journeys, witnessing for God and planting Churches, and of the people that came to be believers.

Aside from Jesus, who in the Bible inspires you the most?