The French Chateau – it’s pretty close to this look and feel!!

Well, since it is Halloween…

OK, this is pretty weird. I have this recurring dream about a place. Apparently it’s not all that uncommon, but it still seems really strange to me. The place in my dreams is a house, I call it “The French Chateau.” Well, because that’s what it looks like, silly! Not sure that it’s in France though, it may be somewhere in the Southeastern US, judging from the rolling hills, trees and shrubs.

This place isn’t filled with ghosts, gobblins, or other creeps. I’ve never seen anyone named Freddy there. nor have I run across any ghosts of girlfriends past (fyi, that was a Matthew McConaughey movie, with a happy ending… hee hee 🙂 ). No chain saws, walking zombies, skeletons in the cupboard, not even dress up costumes, or people handing out candy.

The French Chateau is a happy place. Like most of my dreams lately, this place is filled with joy, peace and happiness. It’s a fruity place. This house isn’t haunted… it is pleasant, toasty warm and inviting. I look forward to dreaming about this home.

The dreams don’t just seem to be about some way cool house, they seem to have a message. The messages appear to be relevant to my life, and the house seems like a window through which I can see and learn. Every time I’ve been to the house in a dream there is some new revelation. The stories are about as varied as the weather. I don’t really see the dreams as premonitions though. Helpful insights, maybe. Like maybe it’s a place of learning and personal growth. I like that.

I’ve never been to this house in real life before, but it is very vivid and detailed in my dreams. The only rooms of The French Chateau that I’ve been in are the foyer, kitchen, living room, family room, and the master bedroom. There is a grand stairway leading up to the second floor. Just looking at this place from the outside tells me there are many more rooms to this abode, rooms that I haven’t been to… just yet. There is a detached garage that has a second story apartment. Large windows provide a breathtaking view of the front lawn from inside the living room. An equally magnificent glimpse of the home is open and inviting, looking through the opposite side of the glass.

I’ve lived in this house in my dreams, as have other people. Some of these people I know well, and others are complete strangers. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that I started to have this recurring dream a little over a year ago. My “life” in this place seems to me to be symbolic of being in a good place in life.

Sound spooky? Scared stiff? Bats in the belfry? Ummm, not, really. This dream is Franken-tastic. If you ride a broom PLEASE don’t show up at The French Chateau. There are plenty of other places you could stop by to eat, drink and be scary. Mind your mummy!!

Have you ever had a recurring dream, or one about a specific place?

Do Booo believe in ghosts?