There are a number of deets that I will not be able to share with you in my writing here at I’m Just Thinkin’, or in my books. You know, stuff like The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had.

That would obviously be Too Much Information (TMI).

I’m reluctant to start a TMI list here but hopefully you get the jist of this… I’d like to tell you the whole story but there are some parts, both good and bad, that are just not going to honor God. Yes, the good could get steamy (and possibly) attract lots of readers… and the bad… “Hands clutching old resentments are not open to receive new gifts from God.” – Brian Abel

What do I write about? The Central Themes, or Categories here at I’m Just Thinkin’ are:

  • Peace, Love and Unity – These posts are near and dear to my heart, some really important and relevant stuff !!
  • Breathing Deep – What I’m learning on my daily walk through life…
  • Geology – I have a special thing for God’s creation.
  • Soul Food – The Category For Inspiration
  • Odds & Ends – Most anything goes here… I try to stay on point but occasionally will mix in something about shoes, real food, and other miscellany too.

I will share my opinion occasionally and will also at times rip on myself and popular culture in general.

How can we make sure we honor God when we share about our past, either publicly or privately?