Snoop Dogg reading Andy Stanley... for A Win!!

Earlier this week I posted “Looking Up.” It was about giving God the glory for the good things that are happening every day, all around us.

I wasn’t really thinkin’ but the day I wrote this there was a lot of drama news centered on the Mayoral election, a close race that wasn’t decided until later that day, and a full day after the polls closed. I don’t really cover the news or current events here at I’m Just Thinkin’… sometimes I will write about popular culture, and, as a Geologist, I also enjoy writing about volcanoes, sinkholes and the like. So far as the Mayor goes, I believe it’s important that we as a commUNITY rally around, pray for and support our elected officials.

So what does “A Win” look like? I would say finding Snoop Dogg soaking him up some Andy Stanley would be a good example. Anytime we can see God at work I would say there’s A Good Fire burning, and that’s A Win (please help me out here North Point peeps if you can expound on this one). The Good Fire is warm, authentic and real… like God… and is burning more brightly in our community than ever before!

Please share your comments here on “A Win” that you see in the world today.