“Hey, are you gay?”

I could see me in a pair of these!

A question that I’ve fielded several times… though I have to say upfront that it doesn’t really bother me to be asked this one. Partly because I’m extremely comfortable with my sexuality. I’ve been told that I’m a slight bit “metro-boy” at times. Maybe just a bit for Jacksonville’s standards.

I would describe my personal style as “outdoorsy metro.”

That would be:

  • I care about my appearance, but I could be seen in the grocery store with messed up hair after a really excellent nap.
  • I have a thing for shoes.
  • The haircut… pretty short now but with a little bit of length on top (not spiked though, as I don’t care for cement in my doo, and my daughter cuts it – not a stylist).
  • oh, yes the clothing  garb… if you can find a label it’s usually Timberland, Woolrich or some other earth-boy label.
  • Exfoliation – yep, I’ve participated in it.
  • I dig art, classical music, and (eeeks!!) some fashion.
  • and, of course, I know my way around the kitchen.

So being Outdoorsy Metro can be ok, right? I mean, “James Bond is very metro in a lot of ways. He ain’t no sissy but he has excellent taste.” That’s how he’s described in the Urban Dictionary anyway.

And so it is well with my soul…

…on to the gay people in my life…

I have several friends who are gay. I can hang out with them on occasion? I mean, we really are all homo’s. Homo-sapiens, to be taxonomically correct. And we’re all loved by the same God I do believe… so since I’m completely comfortable with my own sexuality why would I treat these people any different from all the rest? Hmmm, I’m struggling with this one…

Do you have any gay people in your life?

Would you feel comfortable meeting them at a Starbucks?

Would you invite them to your Church?

Would they feel welcome there?

btw, the answer is no, I’m not gay… or even bi, just plain ole  non-judgmental straight…