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The Evil Lure Of Being Busy

Here’s the scenario: a friend asks how you are doing. “Busy,” you reply. Busy. Great! What does that really say? We’re all busy doing something, right? We all want to be busy doing good things. However,...

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Turning Pain To Gain

When Jesus died on the cross, there was a lot of pain. We feel His pain when we go to church on Easter. Lots of people show up that don’t normally attend church and we hear of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection....

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Is There A Jesus Hack?

So I got on this email list from a website called lifehack.org. They offer tips to short-circuit life change. Typically this wisdom comes in the trendy and appealing list form. Here’s an example – “7 Habits Of...

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Who’s Running The Restaurant?

When I was growing up and while I was in college I worked in a few restaurants. It was funny trying to figure out who really ran a restaurant. It was a lesson in perspective. It seemed to depended on what time of day it...

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Stretched To Transparency

I’m on the road today, back to Pennsylvania, the state where I was born… in a manner of speaking, since I’m writing at Jon Stolpe’s “Stretched” blog! Of course, rubber bands came to mind, as...

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Caught In The Undertow

I love to swim and play in the ocean. I guess I must have  been born that way, like some dogs are called “water dogs”. Having grown up in Vero Beach, Florida, my brother and I spent a lot of time at the beach. We...

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“I Twitter”