Visiting a comfortable place is awesome. Like going to Grandma’s house… maybe it’s that familiar smell of something yummy on the griddle, the deer antlers on the wall, or Grandpa’s reclining chair. Whatever that image brings to mind it is one that

Man, my blog got really comfortable. Over a period of 5 years writing at I’m Just Thinkin’ I got way TOO comfortable with the place. So it was time to press on and keep moving forward. I’m still brushing off some dust here and at my other websites so please bear with me…

Jesus calls us in the book of Acts to be His witnesses and carry the good news message of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Doing so will most likely cause us to leave a comfortable place. In obedience. And as an act of faith. What will we learn along the way?

I’m no longer running comments on my blog. Please read this blog post to understand why.

Image courtesy of Jason Priem on flickr