Here’s the scenario: a friend asks how you are doing. “Busy,” you reply.

Busy. Great! What does that really say? We’re all busy doing something, right?

We all want to be busy doing good things. However, we miss the point of interaction when we say “I’m busy!” Next time you’re tempted to say it consider what exactly are you so busy doing?

Being busy… I usually get caught up working on or trying to figure out something or another. Or cooking some awesome food. Exercise. Hanging out with friends or family. All good things, right? Watching TV? Not a habit of mine, but maybe that one is ok in moderation. Playing video games or the like? It’s entertainment, right? Reading God’s word? How many of us have good intentions here but when something else comes up we’re putting the Bible on the back burner, so to speak? If you’re so busy that you need a daytime and nighttime nanny to take care of your kids are you too busy? I’m just thinkin’ the answer could be affirmative… you’re too busy doing something other than savoring the moments with your family.

How about this one – have you ever told someone or even yourself “I’m too busy for ____!” Well, you just defined your priorities.

“Success ultimately comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Henry David Thoreau

Ha! Great quote! This sounds like doing something one might enjoy to me because how do we define success anyway? So when it’s all said and done, will you be looking back and say you were successful in achieving your goals? Can you say that about last week or last year? If you watch ants move about they stay pretty busy building and carrying around breadcrumbs. They’ve reached their self-actualization or maximum level of achievement. It’s pretty basic for an ant, but how about me and you? The reality for us is a bit more complex.

Here’s something to consider: We live in an age of having vast information at fingertips. How many times a day do you Google? I Google’d this query (LOL) and found that the average person Googles 780 times a year. So more than a couple of times a day. Google’d what? Sure, I Google “Panama Geology” because I’m going there #onmission in a couple of weeks. In contrast, have you ever started looking something up and a couple of hours later realized that you just burned a bunch of time? Since I’m sometimes indecisive, I can look at shoes, sailboats, or even the best bug spray online for way too long. Is this a trap.. the evil lure of being busy? Hmmm…

If we consciously think about how we would choose to spend our time, and about those pesky distractions that draw us away, we can feel better about how we approach and execute in our day to day life.

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” John Maxwell

It’s all a matter of perspective. And priorities.

Next time someone asks how are you and you’re busy doing good things with margin just say you’re awesome. And then take the time to interact…

Image courtesy of arbyreed on flickr