read the writing on the wallsHave you ever thought about chasing a dream but decided it was too much work? Or maybe that it wasn’t worth the effort? I know I have. Sometimes we lose out on chasing the dream because we’re impatient. Something else comes along and we settle for less than what God had placed the passion for in our heart. We compromise and settle into the wrong groove. This becomes evident whenever we yearn for something more…

For me personally, writing 4 books was something I never would have dreamed to be a goal in life… then suddenly God placed it in my heart. I took the initiative, overcame adversity and stayed true to the path. Writing for me has been an extremely rewarding experience, combining strengths in teaching and encouragement with the pursuit of wisdom, it just seemed to be a natural dream to follow…

“Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion.” Seth Godin

I admire younger generations that place greater importance on following their dreams as a key factor to leading a fulfilling life. That rocks!

So we all have more than just one dream, right? How do we know which ones to chase? Maybe you’ve chased a dream and it went nowhere. Maybe that just wasn’t the right dream. How do we know?

Chasing the dream is fun when we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Sure, there will be challenges or obstacles to achieving anything worthy of our passion, or a dream. However, chasing a dream should be fun – a realization that provides gratification right along with the sweat-equity we are devoting to this endeavor at hand. I think part of the gratification that comes with fulfillment of the dream comes by virtue of the effort required to reach the desired result. But it should be fun. When we get busy we lose the margin in our schedule that allows us to catch our breath and to do fun stuff on a  whim. I miss that when I’m crazy busy. Just don’t take yourself too seriously. If it’s a chore read the writing on the walls, you’re most likely chasing the wrong dream, or taking yourself too seriously. (Click To Tweet)

What dream are you chasing or feeling God has laid on your heart? Is it an endeavor that you truly enjoy?

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