Caught in the act... of going commando.

Caught in the act… of going commando.

So I’ve got a bit of a man crush on Bradley. It’s been going on for quite some time. Before you get any wild ideas be sure to read my thoughts on gay guys, guys hitting on each other and that sort of thing.

So you know that I helped lead Jay Z to God. True for a Win. Furthermore, if Jon Acuff can dig on rap music, I’m guessing the good Lord is ok with me liking on BC just a wee bit.

“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.” Jonah 2:8

Easy there hoss my thing for Cooper isn’t anything like that…

The media surrounding Hollywood feeds off the scandalous behavior of people. The ironic thing is that many people in Hollywood are no different from the rest of society, they are just in the public limelight and therefore… fatal attraction – the scuttlebutt of the rich and famous is “newsworthy.”

Back to Cooper. Why, you may ask, do you like this guy? How is he a renegade in a land filled with immorality and debauchery?

– It all started with The Hangover. I thought it was funny. The second one was sort of ho-hum. Never saw Part III. Since I’m not homophobic I can admit that I think he’s an attractive guy. So I noticed he had a good-looking booty. I asked some of my female friends and they concur. That got me to thinking… since my booty is nothing special, well, it got me thinking more and more about my own appearance. This turned into a silly sort of joke that I wrote about. What’s that got to do with BC’s scandalous life? Well, from afar it does not appear that he is gay…

– He got mixed up with Jennifer Lawrence. They started out just making movies together. Now they look kind of chummy in the limelight. Well that’s kind of immoral, right? Let’s see, Bradley is in his late 30’s and Jennifer in her early 20’s. Yep, that would fit the formula for scandalous anywhere except maybe… Hollywood. Or Anytown, USA? Hey, it’s not my style but it does happen. In fact, some of my girly friends say it’s quite common and acceptable in certain circles for men to date women decades younger. So what’s the knee-slapper with this?? Bradley says there’s nothing going on with Jennifer. Remember, this is Hollywood…

– Next item: He lives with him mom. Come on, really? Yep, it’s a fact. Pretty crazy, right? Totally off the chain! He even describes his mom as a cool chick. Really? Mom? Right on, high fives for this man!!

– He’s been known to go commando. No, not geo-commando, but still. Geo-commando?? Yep, just wait it’s coming… So Bradley went commando at a State Dinner in Washington, D.C. honoring French President Francois Hollande. He got himself into this pickle after gaining some elbows for an upcoming movie. So the old tux was scary-town tight. Yikes! That’s about as crazy as going commando at church. Do they? Please… just don’t say!

– BC doesn’t shed a lot of deets. That’s a style to keep. Forget the rag doll Bieber and all that nonsense. The peeps of Hollywood deserve the privacy they make for themselves. I guess that’s the takeaway. Cooper says he’s a family man. I like that. Judgment call on that one alone? Worthy.

Ok, so what’s the scandalous part? We’re waiting for something juicy like bonefishermen trolling the shallows in The Bahamas. The scandalous part of Bradley Cooper’s story is in Hollywood the aforementioned behavior patterns are considered misadventure. They’re thought of as unexpected. Not the norm? That’s what our culture would like to believe. Is it true? Is Carrie Underwood really an outcast there in the land of plenty? So Jay Z is thanking God for his awards… and what will they think of him now? So scandalous…

Slowly… slowly… slowly… the transformation to resembling Jesus takes place…

And Carrie sings on “How Great Thou Art”… great voice. Glorious song!

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