I needed to catch a one way to destinations north and tried the train. Here’s the low down:

  • On-time, even with an unscheduled stop in Folkston, Georgia, where the conductor handed a troublemaker over to the local authorities. The train stopped at a crossing and two sheriffs hauled him away. Not exactly sure what that was all about, just be sure to behave on the train!
  • I liked the schedule. If you can sleep on a train/plane you would too (I typically can’t, and read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity instead). We arrived in DC at sunrise and were greeted with a view of the monuments, capital and the city.
  • The Ride: I expected it to be jerky and it was not – but it was rocking and swaying so if you have trouble with motion sickness you may want to try a dose of something to help. You could see the train cars in front of ours and it was rocking to the beat of a different drum. This make me continually think (and then pray) about and for the good condition and integrity of the cotter pin that holds our car to those ahead.
  • The Accomodations: Were comfortable, near first class on the airplane. It would be very unlikely for a 6-year old boy to hit the target 100% in the bathroom while the train is moving.
  • Safety: Ha!! Not really sure, maybe I can summarize this with a question: Since we wear a seat belt on a plane but not on a train does that mean we have more hope of living through a plane crash? Just Askin’!!

I liked the train ride and would do it again.

Do you have any funny or interesting train ride stories??