I’m writing today as a contributor to the Christian Writers Blog Chain. Our theme for this month is “savor.” Christianwriters.com is an excellent place to network if you’re a Christian writer or author.

Savor… to taste and enjoy completely…

Do you enjoy food? Most of us would answer yes. I’m a bit of a foodie… I love the tasty treats that God has given us to enjoy here on the Planet Earth. I’ve eaten my way through several towns… states… countries… and have an insatiable appetite for rich, saucy food. When God put me together he gave me passion… and hyperactive taste buds to match!

Not all food is savory, for sure… it has to have oomph to be savory… sort of like spicy food, the savory morsels continue to heat up our mouth ever after they’re swallowed.  Savor… the word speaks warmth to me… not just any food… comfort food.

Savor is one of those words that we’ve morphed in usage… we exchange the high sensory value it brings to mind, and use this word to expound… emphasize… elaborate on most anything.

Savoring memories… and continually making new ones… that’s my morphing of the word…

Having the right attitude provides an opportunity to morph a headache into a savory memory!

I love being around other people. An excellent memory doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive… I can have a resounding good time being stuck overnight in an airport… with the right company. Bad days turn into savory experiences in a hot second… with the right attitude. I remember being stuck in Memphis once overnight on a return work trip from Missouri. Being stranded could have really sucked… but on this occasion I was traveling with my client, a funny and adventurous guy who lived life to the fullest. On this particular night, we could have been home quicker by packing up in a big box and shipping each other through the FedEx hub than the 16 hour unscheduled layover we experienced… but, looking back, it was a savory experience. We made the most of a cheesy room service menu, watched a basketball game on the tube, and shared an experience that brought us closer together… on that day “a client” turned into a friend… forever! It was all about savoring life… and having the right attitude.

What food or memory do you savor the most?

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