Lost island cartoon map by Arvid Rudling

Lost island cartoon map by Arvid Rudling

“We’re all in this together.” – John Locke from Season 1

We’ve been watching the series Lost the past couple of months. Julia and I have really enjoyed watching it together as neither of us saw the series when it was originally broadcast. We’re currently in Season 5. There are 6 seasons.

Lost in the summer of fiction on an island. This thing about the allure of an island. Why are they so attractive?

Some for their natural beauty. I have a Pinterest board for one that I’ve never even been to, American Samoa. I guess, for me, this is sort of a get away. Remote. Tropical. Carefree. Paradise? I’ve been to that one too, Paradise Island. Quite a few times, though I prefer the more remote islands to those of popular attraction. I think our infatuation with islands has to do with the desire to leave reality behind. Sometimes we call these escapes a vacation. The same trips to beautiful destinations may also serve as an breather for many, from the day to day grind and stress. Islands are like dreams, fiction novels or fantasies in many ways… we go, live it up, and then return to our regular lifestyle. At some point in the dream or visit to an exotic island get away we have to come home. Some of the folks on Lost appear to want to stay on the island instead of going back home. I get that, having been to some places I would rather not return to. But can we ever really escape from reality? Pretty deep, right?

I was also a huge fan of the TV show Survivor. Another “island” story, of sorts, with some interesting similarities:

  • The inhabitants are not native to the land and have to learn to adapt to survive.
  • Various leaders emerge, including Jack, Mr. Eko, Locke, Ben and Sayid (on Lost).
  • Tribes of people encounter each other and at times have to compete. This interaction leads to victories for humanity as well as hostilities.

– Tribal loyalty fades as people with varying personalities, objectives and vulnerabilities interact and new alliances are formed.

Sounds similar to the mainland too, maybe? Lost… reality TV at its finest?

Onward… to the summer of fiction? It just so happens that I’m taking a bit of a breather from writing this summer. I’m only posting new material to my blog a couple of times a month. I’m focusing on some other endeavors, a good change for me to do so after spending 3.5 years writing nearly every day. I’ve been reading a few fiction books and toying with the idea of writing a novel. Fiction has become a sort of island for me, much like watching the series Lost and being absorbed in the rich characters and their world. In the midst of a summer that seems to be passing by in a flurry, I have also found myself mesmerized with the topics of leadership and vulnerabilities. Unrelated… I guess maybe not really since it’s all tied together in some way by God.

“Our imperfections are what connect us to each other and to our humanity. Our vulnerabilities are not weaknesses; they are powerful reminders to keep our hearts and minds open to the reality that we’re all in this together.” Brene Brown

Hmmm, there it is again… “We’re all in this together” – how do you feel about that statement? It’s like this one, “everything is connected”.

It seems like at times our gut is to bury or hide our imperfections or vulnerabilities and seek refuge from realities. To me, that’s when I realize that leadership has to step up. Leadership, or just maybe obedience. Sometimes God provides no solution to our problems unless we obey Him. Ironically, our own stubbornness is the only thing holding us back from seeing His work in our lives.

The funny thing about Lost is that, as I’ve mentioned before, some of the characters on the island don’t want to return to their homes. They are happy living in this strange place. Maybe they have been running away for a long time and feel like they’ve left some of life’s troubles, their past mistakes, or even vulnerabilities behind. Some of the characters, Jack, Sun, Hurley, Sayid and Kate have made it home in Season 5, and they have eluded to a desire or need to return to the island. Pretty weird stuff? Well, maybe not. I get it, in a way, as all of the islands I’ve been to I would love to go back. Someday. Permanently? No. Love my home and would miss my sweetheart and family terribly. But just for a visit… like getting lost with a good action/adventure… just sayin’.

What adventure are you on this summer or season of life?