ET… Phone Home!!

Oh to be the little boy who shared his cookies and shacked up with the wayward space alien named ET… now THAT would be completely off the chains… AND the pages of the Sears Christmas Wish Book

The ExtraTerrestrial Event And The One Night Brostand…

Short-term friends… like a day or week in the life… do you have any of these experiences?

I’ve had a few… some crazy… some inspiring… some… well… some (from my distant past) that we should probably bury deep in the depths of the Marianna Trench! These events could be a One Night Brostand… or it could just be a random act of kindness where we disappear into obscurity… true and complete servanthood like Jesus taught us. Straight up Being Great!

Be it a brofriend or the ET… you could meet them most anywhere… on an airplane, at a conference, in the desert, on a ski trip in Colorado, or the tropical Caribbean… you never know where or when these temporary companions will arise… so be prepared… when they do, you’ll have to make a split second decision to either take a hall pass… or to seize the moment. Which one? Here is some guidance on choosing:

– If the ET can speak the lingo and doesn’t appear to want to abscond with you to some other galaxy where they may run a series of guinea pig tests on you it may just be OK to spend an evening with them. Most of these ET’s are relatively harmless… they’re just curious like you and me (plus we can chalk that one up to experience!) 😉

– If the One Night Brostand may end up either (1) on the 6 O’Clock news, or (2) land you in prison, (OR BOTH!!) you may want to consider passing on this one. Generally speaking, any brostand where you can’t come back and share the deets over coffee with your sweetness or in your life story would be bad news… steer clear of these events.

However, if it may turn into a “Being Great’ event… just being like Jesus… readily available to faithfully and humbly serve others in whatever way needed, you don’t want to pass this one up.

Jesus said “your attitude must be like my own, for I, the Messiah, did not come to be served, but to serve and to give my life.” Matthew 20:28

I’m thinkin’ Being Great is unselfishly serving and loving others with a heart like Jesus’, within our church’s ministry and the world’s mission field. Anyone can be a servant. All it requires is character.

Being great with like-minded people… these are the folks who came and went like the first cold front of the fall season… lightning crashes… rolling thunder chases the wind… and at the same time a lasting impression is left behind… yep yep yep, this is where it’s at!

Q: Do you have an experience with other people who came and went like the wind, and where your shared a “be great”experience with them?