Today I’m a guest at Carol Peterson’s blog, From Carol’s Quill.

jerusalem wallNehemiah was a man of action. He was outstanding at organizing others and at inspiration. He held a prominent position in the government of Persia. However, that position wasn’t his calling. This idea of “calling” is key in our society today and I believe is very important in how we will be remembered in the history of Christianity. The story of Nehemiah is as relevant today as it was at the time it was written. How do we find our calling? Calling is found through a relationship with the Holy Spirit, and it begins with self-awareness (Click To Tweet). Please follow this link over to Carol’s blog and read the story of Nehemiah and how he found his calling. Don’t want to be the leader? Lead, follow, or just step out of the way. Either way it’s time to pony up and ride. It’s all about courage, and identifying then following God’s calling.