I’m sort of on a different plane… tangent… or parallel… than main-stream pop culture. I don’t really watch a lot of TV, and not into “the scene”… I’m a little quirky or weird – aren’t we all, in our own way!

Not that I think that all of pop culture is bad… like all of us I have some pop culture weaknesses… I indulge in a double-tall-no whip-non fat-mocha, and the local low-fat frozen yogurt establishments most every day, but there are just parts of pop culture that I’m not really that… shall we say… GAGA over…

However, since Lady Gaga is hot (referring to her popularity here) and IT at the moment, why not write about it here (music IS one of my categories, you know)

I like some of her groove, it’s catchy but would wear on me if I did tune into the local radio noise and heard it a zillion times a day. She can bust a move on the dance floor like few others.

Ok, here’s what I’m thinkin’… is some of this stuff poison for our minds? Yep, especially for men! Men have a well-documented weakness for visual media, think pornography here. That’s what A LOT of pop culture, especially TV and the Internet, is all about. Check out what Jonathan Acuff says on his Serious Wednesday’s about it.

Was Madonna “bad news”… of course not, I grew up with it, remember… a lot of this just depends on your perspective.

Oh yea, the end of the “bad romance” video… that poor dude… toasted to a crisp on the bed… Ouch!!

So what do you think… is Lady Gaga the Modern Day Madonna, or just Bad Romance?