Gracedrops and Puddles Of Blessings on the Horizon (I'll take some Flavor with that!)

The Hydrologic Cycle And Your Heart is a 6-post series about some of the choices we make and how they affect our heart.Please check out the other posts in this series here…

Filling the clouds makes them drippy and when the clouds get full the forecast says showers of precipitation are on the horizon…

Rain has always been a very soothing experience to me. I enjoy rainy days. Granted, too many in a row can be a little much… but there is plenty of good, clean fun to be had on rainy days.

I believe that only goodness comes out of the clouds. What? Yep, that’s right. I didn’t say we always get whatever we want… that’s not it. The goodness that falls out of the clouds includes gracedrops and puddles of blessings:

  • Gracedrops. Grace is ours for free. We can’t possibly ever earn grace so Jesus took care of that for us. That’s huge. If we never received anything more than gracedrops from the clouds above it would be more than enough.
  • Blessings. Puddles of them. Blessings are even more good news… working the right angle provides opportunity to receive the shower of blessings. Do you remember Ask… Seek… and Knock? That’s huge! And when you ask be sure to ask for something big and bold. Good, big and bold… dig it? That’s God’s Favor!
  • Don’t let this part bring you down… the notion we weren’t put here to live an existence of heavenly bliss. Being in a growing relationship with Jesus is often a tough road to follow. Growing to be more like Him is a path filled with trials, temptations, and good as well as evil. That’s a part of living in the world we do. Think of this as Flavor.

Flavor + Favor + Gracedrops = The Perfect Storm!

Remember, what goes up must come down… what are you sending up and out of your heart?

Look around and see what you’re receiving in return…