God's love flows from One Big Box

Men, to generalize, are a persona of boxes… we like to compartmentalize, as psychologists say.

For instance, many of us have the fishing box, the football box, the Playstation box, the family box, the work box, and, yes, eeeeks… even God goes into a box.

This helps us stay on point, generate solutions, maximize efficiency, productivity and income…

and makes us rigid, robotic, and, well… manly.

Women, on the other hand, are more relational and tend to blend, mix or flow through life. They seem to get life done in a way that many guys simply can’t comprehend (and whenever a dude observes the female way there may even be an eye roll involved).

Several years ago I started to evolve out of the boxes and into the warm and fuzzy. Whenever I find myself back in the world of boxes it seems like I end up flustered when things start to overlap… and I find myself having to readjust to a better “One Big Box” balance. For me personally, I find that life is more FRUITFUL when I’m not living in a series of sharp-edged boxes.

From the perspective of the man being the spiritual leader of the family and living life throughout the week in a loving, caring and warm way, it is at times very difficult to blend when there are sharp edges on the boxes of life.

I think the issue here is not so much having some structure (i.e., I have to work today from 8 to 5) as much as it would be getting irritated at my daughter if she called me right in the middle of a meeting to let me know she’s heading out to spend the night at a friend’s house.

it is truly amazing to me how much time men are willing to invest in their boxes… and their priorities… that include so many other things than that which is really important. Many times the various boxes are really all about me and myself. If I put others first everything changes and I’m more open to the One Big Box Concept.

Well, since it is Happy Monday, I’m writing today to share really excellent news… how living in one big box will change your life for the better.

All this really is just keeping our priorities in order throughout the week and staying focused on that which is eternally important and relevant.

OK, guys, how can you refocus to keep life in a better balance throughout the week?