Someone asked recently: How is it that you just so happen to be in a good mood every day? When I see you coming, there’s a certain pep in your step.

It’s kind of like continually eating a good dose of comfort food… the keys to this recipe for me, finding happiness whatever the circumstances, are:

Defining my simple pleasures. Would I love to go back to Hawaii this summer? For sure! Does whether I go there or not define my happiness? Nada! I’m very happy and content with some very simple pleasures… reading, writing, loving on my grandson, walks on the beach, listening to Lady Gaga (JUST KIDDING – hee hee hee)

Surrounding myself with good people and influences. Laughter is incredibly healing, including being able to laugh at myself. I’m very blessed with some really awesome friends and family!

My faith is not circumstantial. I recognize that both good and bad things are bound to happen at any moment. My faith doesn’t lean up against a false wall. My heart is filled with God’s L-O-V-E (I love that word… and that feeling!)

I don’t dwell on things. If you did me wrong, I’m moving on from it… I’m neither the judge nor jury, and more focused on fixing myself through God’s forgiveness than getting even with you, that way it’s your issue, and not mine. And, of course, I still love you… anyway! (with a super big ☺ )

Taking good care of myself. I really try to eat right, exercise, and feed my mind with good comfort food (positive vibes and info – wisdom!)

What is necessary for you to be happy?