Forrest is my hero, right behind Jesus. He was positively full of optimism. Here’s what I love about Forrest:

Forrest knew how to run: He could run all day long. He ran like the wind blows. When he went for the long run, he ran for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, 16 hours before turning around and heading for home. I WISH I could do this too. I load up on Glucosamine daily, with the occasional Motrin and ice packs to nurse my tender knees. They’re still good, but only at about 30-35 miles a week. My knees are the equivalent of Freddy the Golfer’s fragile back.

Forrest was a man of faith: He was kind and compassionate and a loving, Godly man. He knew what he stood for and wasn’t afraid of anything here on Earth.

Forrest had a heart of gold: His heart was the size of Texas! Always giving, loving and caring. A true friend, and faithful companion.

Forrest knew what true love was all about: Real, unconditional love. Nothing fancy, or fake. He was always protective, trusting, hopeful… and he persevered.

Forrest was humble: He recognized his shortcomings and wasn’t afraid to admit them. He enjoyed simple pleasures, even after making a mint on that fruit stock (Apple, Inc.) that Lieutenant Dan helped him invest in. He gave a lot of the money away… to a Church, a charity, and to Bubba’s mom.

Forrest’s optimism and strong faith ran through him in a way that I truly admire… through some of life’s most painful experiences… loosing his best friend Bubba during the Vietnam war, the trials and tribulations of laying down the nets fishing for shrimp and repeatedly coming up empty handed (that is, until God showed up), “chasing” after Jenny until our fallen world finally did her in, and loosing his mom to cancer. He was a real man.

Forrest – “That’s all I have to say about that”

Please share with us about your hero too 🙂