laughterI think everyone wants to be happy, but how many people do you know that you can say actually are happy? Like not just on Friday evening, or when they receive the annual bonus check – we’re all pretty happy on these occasions. It is interesting that few of us are happy whatever the occasion or day of the week. It doesn’t have to be a party for these folks to shine. You know them, they’re pleasant to be around and draw other people to them… much like a magnet.

What is it that we find so inviting about happy people? Here are the top 5 magnetic qualities of happy people:

  • Happy people are warm and energetic. Others are attracted to their inviting smile, good nature and their heart of compassion. They don’t have an interest in gossip or complaining – they’re a joy to be around.
  • Happy people speak the truth. They shoot straight, and other people are naturally attracted to this quality. Time shows that authenticity and honesty don’t bode well with deceit and lies. People on the plus side are comfortable just being themselves. Life is less complicated, dramatic and stressful when we are real. As long as you’re being you and I’m being me we’ll all get along copacetically. (Click To Tweet)
  • They are willing to commit to working on good relationships with other happy people. Wait, what what?? Yep, that’s right – these folks know that relationships at times mean work and that it’s worth it because they make wise choice of those people they’ll let in to close proximity. Remember, The Four Circles And The Great Beyond?   Ha! I know… long time ago and already written into a great book about people, and happiness.
  • These people are content. They are grounded in this simple truth: Perspective is a powerful attitude, providing the ability to see circumstances, no matter how challenging, as an opportunity. (Click To Tweet).
  • There is something very different about the expectations of happy people: Happy people, being giving by nature, don’t often look for what other people can do for them, or for materialistic “wealth.” These folks know happiness comes to them from within – they have diamonds on the inside. Because other people are constantly disappointed with unmet desires, they live in a world of misery. Bummer dude.

The road to being a happy person centers on true, inner peace and happiness. We have to be comfortable in our own skin. Then, the light comes on and glows for everyone to see.

What Are You Bringing To The Party?