The journey IS the goal - CV

The journey IS the goal – CV

I’m really excited about my forthcoming book, “All Sorts And Conditions Of People: The 7 Essentials Of Extraordinary Relationships”. It’s scheduled for release next week, on May 15th (not to worry there will be a reminder 🙂 ). Why did I write a relationships book? And what makes me qualified to even write such a title?

Well, I’m not a relationships expert like Dr. Phil or Oprah, that’s for sure. However, I will say this: I’ve been in a relationship or two, some good and some not so good. And it took me a long time to figure out the secret sauce to successful relationships. I think most would agree that in life we are in contact with all sorts of people every day. By all sorts I mean those who are different from us, possibly coming from different socio-economic backgrounds or those with varying religious beliefs. Heck, for that matter, just look within a family and you’ll find “all sorts” too! Some of these places we journey through are where we have to learn to get along, like at church or at work. Remember this tidbit from the Bible…

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

He also said that this is pretty important, like #2 only to loving the Lord.

When I started writing on the internet some of the wise men in the world of blogging told me to write. “Just write”, they said, and don’t worry too much about anything else. That was good advice as I needed to learn how to write, and I’m still learning here. I did find out that by just pouring my heart out that:

  • like most people who have reached middle age, I’ve been through some crazy stuff, and
  • some of this stuff is worth trying to share as it may help someone else.

So, here I am…

Today, I find myself in the best relationship of my life. Ever. I made a list of the positive traits that I really admire about Julia. Your list would likely be different from mine so I’ll spare you that, but I will share with you this: Surrounding yourself with the right people is probably the most important aspect to finding satisfaction in your life here on earth, next to having a personal relationship with Jesus. I’m certain that my current relationship is a God thing. I’m also certain that He gave me a gift (for writing) and that He wants me to share, using it to bring honor and glory to Him. And so, the secret sauce to these relationships is a bit of handiwork that He’s inspired in me, and taught me through these bits and pieces that I’ll be sharing more about on May 15th. I hope you’ll find in this book good info that you can use in every relationship in your life.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

“and that’s all I’ve got to say about that” – Gump

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