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The Evil Lure Of Being Busy

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Here’s the scenario: a friend asks how you are doing. “Busy,” you reply.

Busy. Great! What does that really say? We’re all busy doing something, right?

We all want to be busy doing good things. However, we miss the point of interaction when we say “I’m busy!” Next time you’re tempted to say it consider what exactly are you so busy doing?

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Turning Pain To Gain

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When Jesus died on the cross, there was a lot of pain. We feel His pain when we go to church on Easter. Lots of people show up that don’t normally attend church and we hear of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

When it’s all said and done, we walk about feeling inspired but that feeling is often lost in the daily minutia of life. I hear it all the time from people who ebb and flow. Those who are “onboard” Sunday but step off the path by mid-week. Is it just a function of putting Jesus in a box? Probably something like that.

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The Only Decision In Making More…

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Man I love to cook up good memories. I run into old friends occasionally. Two of them just last week that I haven’t seen in many years.

And so circumstance entices a decision: Should we make more memories?

Should we spend more time catching up?

Should we carry on…

I’m finding the only limiting factor is time. While we can’t make more time we do have a choice…

The blink of an eye… it only takes 1/3 of a second. That’s pretty fast.

Can I decide that quickly?

Is it worthwhile in the big picture of things?

Should I go with my gut?

TheĀ  only decision in making more…

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I’m no longer running comments on my blog. Please read this blog post to understand why.

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Why Do We Have To Leave A Comfortable Place?

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Visiting a comfortable place is awesome. Like going to Grandma’s house… maybe it’s that familiar smell of something yummy on the griddle, the deer antlers on the wall, or Grandpa’s reclining chair. Whatever that image brings to mind it is one that

Man, my blog got really comfortable. Over a period of 5 years writing at I’m Just Thinkin’ I got way TOO comfortable with the place. So it was time to press on and keep moving forward. I’m still brushing off some dust here and at my other websites so please bear with me…

Jesus calls us in the book of Acts to be His witnesses and carry the good news message of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Doing so will most likely cause us to leave a comfortable place. In obedience. And as an act of faith. What will we learn along the way?

I’m no longer running comments on my blog. Please read this blog post to understand why.

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What Makes Chasing A Dream So Much Fun?

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read the writing on the wallsHave you ever thought about chasing a dream but decided it was too much work? Or maybe that it wasn’t worth the effort? I know I have. Sometimes we lose out on chasing the dream because we’re impatient. Something else comes along and we settle for less than what God had placed the passion for in our heart. We compromise and settle into the wrong groove. This becomes evident whenever we yearn for something more…

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