The Hydrologic Cycle And Your Heart

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The Hydrologic Cycle And Your Heart

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Hello kerplunk, this is my dear friend pitter patter...

The Hydrologic Cycle And Your Heart is a 6-post series about some of the choices we make and how they affect our heart.

Water is everywhere in our world… we breathe it, drink it, swim in it, snowboard on it, you can hear it go whooosh, splash, crash, and kerplunk. It is essential, forming the very basis of us… the very basis of life itself. Water in our environment is present within a free flowing cycle or system… there really is no beginning or end to it.

Much the same as life… water happens.

The hydrologic cycle goes straight to the heart of the matter of how we nurture our heart thorough the course of life. This goes deep… but in a light-hearted way. Like so much in life, it is what you make of it… you’ve got some choices to make.

All of our thoughts, feelings and emotions cycle or process through our heart.

Lighten up on your heart and connect with a life filled with love… joy… and peace. Hello kerplunk, this is my dear friend pitter patter… you two have much in common… be mindful of the direction of your affection and you two will be holding hands before you know it!

The hydrologic cycle and your heart…



and storage…

what are you letting into your heart?

what flows out of your heart?

what are you storing in your heart?

what happens in there?

What happens in our heart… mind… and soul... it is a linked system… you do have some choices. When you “live from the heart” … and your heart is in the right place…you’re living the life of abundant overflow.

What will you choose?


Loren Pinilis

January 16, 2012at 10:54 am

We were just talking about this yesterday at church: how we need to be vigilant about controlling what goes into our hearts. It makes so much sense, but how many of us really exert a lot of effort in it? Good stuff.

    chris vonada

    January 16, 2012at 4:12 pm

    Thanks Loren!!


January 16, 2012at 11:58 am

Sometimes I let things slip in my heart that shouldn’t be there…his water helps me drown them out!

    chris vonada

    January 16, 2012at 4:14 pm

    ooooh, slippery, I think I can work that concept in here somehow…

Carol Peterson

January 16, 2012at 1:36 pm

In other words, don’t dam up the good stuff from going in or coming out. Love the idea of overflow.

    chris vonada

    January 16, 2012at 4:14 pm

    Yep, back to the dam (I think Lynn hit on that one too!!)

Dan Black

January 17, 2012at 2:08 am

Guarding your heart is so important. choosing to filter everything we have enter our life is so essential when it comes to guarding our hearts and life.

    chris vonada

    January 18, 2012at 4:33 am

    yep, that’s right at the heart of the matter Dan!!

Christine Niles

January 18, 2012at 6:39 am

I lecture my teenagers about this a lot, but I find that I don’t guard my own heart nearly as well as I should, and sometimes what slips out is not the person I want to be.

They catch me and call me out EVERY TIME. Nothing like a teenage girl as an accountability partner!

    chris vonada

    January 18, 2012at 6:47 am

    LOL… that’s too funny Christine, I too have a teenage daughter… we share the same personality type and are very much alike… gotta love ’em!!

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