My dear long-time friend The Tall Guy posted to my Facebook wall…

“ Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car. At night I use to stare into the darken sky and wonder about it all and think to myself “What if the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about” – Love ya Chris”

Tall Guy, unfortunately a lot of people share your feelings. They look at us Christians and think that we think we’re perfect. And, unfortunately, our Churches today are filled with lukewarm Christians, folks who happen to show up on Sunday and really don’t  have a relationship with Him. If you read the books of Francis Chan or Mark Batterson or the like you’ll find there is a movement that is very much alive to recognize we need to be truly passionate about our God. And there are also many Christians that are, and quite a few others that are on the right track.

As you know, Tall Guy, having made many mistakes in my life, I can tell you that I am not oh so perfect. I wish I could do-over for many things that have happened along the way.

As far as I know there was only one perfect person and His name was Jesus. He came, lived a perfect life, and gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, he died so that we can be forgiven for our sins and so we can have eternal life. Hard as we try, none of us ever will be perfect Christians.

And the only way to know God is through Jesus.

A big part of that forgiveness that has been given to us is being able to live with our past knowing that we can get up again every day, learn from our past but also let it go and keep moving forward. God’s Grace, Mercy and Love are a blessed thing.

All of us have questions about life, some of which we’ll never have answered. What usuallly happens when we decide to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior is that the relative importance to having the answers to these questions shrinks in comparison to the reality and acceptance that there is something greater out there than us.

I Love You, Tall Guy, thanks again for voicing your opinion.

As for the Hokie Pokie, I love to dance. But I really suck at it. If you would like to do the Hokie Pokie again, Let’s Dance!!! I’m ready 🙂