Author Gary Chapman came up with 5 possible love languages – Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch and Acts of Service. He says we all have one or possibly a couple of the languages that speak to our heart, and that knowing the language of the people in your life is important to keeping their love tank full.

If you don’t know yours you can Take The Test.

So I gleaned through The Gospel with the notion of trying to imagine what Jesus’ love language was (this was part of Getting To Know Him – so we can get more matchy matchy). I found good examples of each language in Jesus’ journey here on earth, but am speculating that His love language is Acts of Service. I’m guessing this one on the basis that He performed the ultimate Act of Service, He came here to live among us  and died on a cross so that we can have forgiveness for our sins and eternal life. That’s gi-normous!! Plus he washed other guys feet. Now I’ve taken a shower with a significant other before (that would be a woman) and must admit, for an act of service (which is NOT my primary language), this can be quite fun! And there are other acts of service that I enjoy too, you know, stuff like cleaning the stove… but somewhere one has to draw the line, and, for me, washing another man’s feet would have to be close to that line in the sand.

What do you think Jesus’ love language is? Do you have another favorite Bible person, and what do you think their love language is?