Whenever I think about the people around me my general rule of thumb has always been to try and surround myself with good people and influences. This is very true of the core folks that I do life with. However, I’m now also trying to focus on another important concept – having influence with outsiders. And when I started blogging I tried to think in terms of reaching out to anyone who would read/listen.

I’m not one to compartmentalize life, but when I think of the people in life I can come up with the following 5 places:

The Inner Circle: This is the place for me and Jesus. It’s where my faith and strength are. This is the most exclusive place. It’s all about Him. I’m just along for the ride.

The Middle Circle: This includes a handful of close friends and family that I can confide in and spend time with. Some of the people from The Middle Circle ebb and flow with the people in The Outer Circle. That’s cool. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to bring everyone from The Outer Circle into The Inner Circle. I would love to combine these two.

The Outer Circle: The other casual acquaintances that I’ve met along my journey fall into this Circle. As do my Facebook and Twitter friends that aren’t in The Inner Circle at the moment. They’re ALL very important to me and I try to stay connected. Some I will occasionally get to spend time with, others I only get to say hi to while walking through life, and quite a few of my FB and Twitter friends I may never even meet. Though I hope I will. I have some really interesting online friends.

The Great Beyond: This has really expanded for me as I started blogging. There are folks from all over the world that read this. That’s very humbling. And a little scary sometimes. Not everybody agrees with what I write. I still love them anyway. Every single one of them. Just like the folks who are in the Circles. I’m continually trying to bring people from The Great Beyond into The Outer Circle. The other dude in The Inner Circle is asking this of me.

Hold on a second Chris, you only have three circles there and the title says there should be 4? Yep, that’s right, I’m one of those people that’s missing a circle at the moment… Let’s call it the “Passionate Lovemaking Circle.” It’s between The Inner Circle and The Middle Circle, or the place that you share only with your spouse. Your Teammate. The Love and Respect Covenant that we take with our spouse is very special and this relationship should be only second to your relationship with Jesus. Wait right there, are Christians allowed to make passionate love? Yep, every single day. At Least! And you thought Christians were just a bunch of squares? Ridiculous. I like that word. Ridiculous. I’m going to start using it more often.

What do you think about The 4 Circles and The Great Beyond? Should there be more, or less?