Nearly ten years ago, I had several friends encourage me to write a blog. My reaction? Who, me?? I got a new gift from God that I didn’t even recognize.

Well, fast forward to today. I’ve written over 400 blog posts and four books. Grammarly says I’ve written over 800,000 words in their app just since 2015. Pretty crazy!

I had stopped writing on my blog, I’m Just Thinkin’, about two and a half years ago. There were some distractions. Not particularly bad, just in a different season in life.

God showed up again! This time with a new gift. Here’s how it all went down…

We’re in the midst of a Daniel fast. One Saturday a couple of weeks ago as I was spending time with the Lord, praying and seeking Him, he directed me to Ezekiel.

I had never read much of the Book of Ezekiel but knew he was a prophet. As I read the information in my Bible about Ezek, I learned that he has visions. Lots of them! As I skimmed through his book, Chapter 37 caught my eye; “The dry bones live.” God brought the dry bones together, put flesh on them, and the Holy Spirit breathed the ruah, or breath of life into them. This was life-changing to me!

So I head over to the blue letter bible website. There are commentaries by wise people there, and I needed some insight. I read something by Spurgeon. He explained how the vision Ezekiel received from God led the prophet to first prophesies to the bones (preaching), and then he prophesies to the four winds (praying). The preaching does its share in the work, but the praying achieves the result.

Ok, so here’s the earthshattering part: This was a work of revival! And, I’m sure it’s no coincidence that our church is going through the Daniel fast leading up to an event that we call Saturated. It’s all about revival!

If that news flash wasn’t enough, I found out through this process that I had received a new gift from God. Once again, a gift that I didn’t even recognize.

So what’s the gift?

Ha! Got your attention there, right? I’ll leave that a mystery for now. But, if you used to read my blog, it goes back to a post I wrote about three years ago about a double rainbow. Come back next time, and I’ll share it with you.

This is crazy stuff!

I am head over heels, doing cartwheels and a 3-second handstand excited!!

Well, that’s it for today…

God bless and thanks for reading here at I’m Just Thinkin’!!