water... falls... due to gravity.

“Down to Earth” … a catchy adage about someone who is simple… unobtrusive… tasteful… LITE (heehee)… or maybe just downright humble…

If someone told me that I’m down to earth I would take that to be a huge compliment. Earth tones are tony. Clean. I am drawn to that appearance… but being down to earth is more than just an appearance. Appearances are meaningful but generally quite shallow… and down to earth, to me, says something a little more deeply rooted…

Cool? Right on dude!

From my experience, there are 2 forces that bring us down to earth:

  •  Gravity. Wikipedia defines gravity as “a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass.” Gravity is just a fact of life here on earth. Since the earth is larger than us… Gravity is and we are sucked into the surface of the 3rd rock from the sun. Waterfalls… raindrops… the water in a hurry… we can thank God… and gravity.


  •  Failure. Afraid to take a risk due to the fear of failure? Then you may end up regretting it. If you are living the life that God intended you may as well face this one certainty: There will be failure. This can be quite embarrassing when it happens. When we fail, we learn a lot. Maybe even more than when we succeed. While failure bites, it runs deep. We lick our wounds and learn from it. We learn about ourselves. Life. We learn about the people around us too. And, most importantly, when we fail we learn humility and we grow. That’s huge!

Gravity and Failure… thankful for both.

Can you recall a meaningful event that brought you down to earth?