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Life In The Meadows

Think about it… we start off life in the meadows. Fields of green grass that are pristine, with Bighorn Sheep grazing in the park. These “parks” in the Rockies are meadows or mountain valleys.  My image is of...

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Stretched To Transparency

I’m on the road today, back to Pennsylvania, the state where I was born… in a manner of speaking, since I’m writing at Jon Stolpe’s “Stretched” blog! Of course, rubber bands came to mind, as...

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In Whom Are You Investing?

The greatest investment we make in life is how we use our time. How we plan, share and use our time tells a story about who we are, what our priorities are, what we are investing our life in… and what story our life will...

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A Luminary For Life

My daughter Allie had a baby just over a week ago. Sweet little Emma is a tremendous blessing to our family and a luminary for life. The very first thing Emma learned was to breathe deeply. Next up was a new way of eating. There...

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