quantum mechanics ... Ugh!!!

Sometimes life seems to get stressful and we need to simplify. Too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. I am feeling this way right now as I have been overwhelmed with commitments. The ole To-Do / Priority list helps… but whenever it gets busy life can tend to sway out of balance and the really important stuff can get pushed aside. When this happens I need to try to remember to simplify: Strive to do less by focusing on what matters most.

In school we were taught to write mathematical expressions in their simplest form. Remember simplify? I really enjoyed math in school, and always like to help my daughters with their math homework. They say that I missed my calling, that I should have been a math teacher.

Here are 6 fun mathematical expressions on how to simplify when you’re overloaded:

    • Regroup – Yep, Regroup comes first. It can help you identify the most essential tasks. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of resisting the temptation to blow off that which is of eternal significance… if you happen to be busy and stressed you may need God more now than ever!
    • Add – Add a layer of organization to your world. This may be necessary to efficiently complete the tasks at hand once they are identified. Joshua Leatherman provided an excellent writeup as a guest on Michael Hyatt’s blog about the Pomodoro Technique , a tool to use for becoming more efficient. Adding a to-do item like this one may make the rest of your today and tomorrow flow better.
    • Subtract – Reduce or try to eliminate unnecessary distractions. “… and that’s all I’ve got to say about that” – oh how I love my Gump-isms!
    • Multiply – When I think of multiply, multi-task comes to mind… how to take the use of my time to a new level… if you’re good at tapping your head and rubbing your belly at the same time now is the occasion to make good use of the gifts He has given you 🙂
    • Divide – Divy up tasks among people who are in your support group (i.e., don’t hesitate to ask your spouse, family, small group or other supportive friends for assistance in your time of need… and be sure to help them when they need it too!).
    • Regroup – you are absolutely correct… Regroup was first… and it’s last too. Don’t forget to Regroup… again! Make every effort to keep God at the center of your every endeavor.

I want my life to have impact in a positive way. To do that I need to…

keep it simple with Him in the middle…

pray about everything…

be thankful, and let the joy and peace of Jesus rule in my heart.

Can you think of any more mathematical expressions to help simplify life?