Sticking with the plan!

Sticking with the plan!

I was working on a project site recently and asked one of the guys working on the construction side of the project how the building was progressing. This major project consists of rebuilding an airport terminal. Part new construction, and part reworking an existing structure. He indicated it was going ok, new construction like a dream, but they were having issues with renovations to the old building. Something like a nightmare, the reconstruction part, that is.

If you’ve ever tried to remodel in the home you have probably had a similar experience… sometimes it goes as planned, and other times you find yourself facing unexpected delays, or hidden conditions. The old wallpaper doesn’t come off the wall you’re trying to repaint, or you can’t access to replace all of the old plumbing pipe as it’s now below the slab. Whatever the case, a small snowstorm has welled up and created a huge drift. That half-day home improvement project is now going to consume your entire weekend. Or you have to tell the airport authority their new facility will be delayed, opening after the snowdrift melts… next spring.

Nothing could be more true in the world today than the power of patience and perseverance, and the love of Jesus. (Click To Tweet)

Life is sort of like the rewiring project. Finding peace sometimes takes lots of patience. Consider the story of the Israelites wandering through the desert. They messed up in following God’s will and way, over and over and over again. It’s hard to imagine that God has that much patience with us, to be able to accept us even when we’re at our worst. I’m thankful that He does, that He’s rewired me through so many of these remodeling projects. He makes us whole and complete. That’s a huge part of this journey.

Truth and grace…

There’s an interesting story in Joshua, it’s Chapter 22, verses 11-34. A rather large and imposing altar was constructed by some of the tribes at the Jordan River. Why? Assumption said it was to worship a false god. Then, along came truth and grace… instead of assuming the worst about the altar, intentions were investigated and a way cool purpose discovered: the altar was constructed as a memorial. The conflict was averted and peace, harmony and unity restored.

The rewiring project is sort of like being a teenager again… pretty cool when our heart is filled with the innocence of being in love, not so attractive when it’s a chess match resembling high school drama.

Saying or doing a bunch of stupid stuff to other people does very little to draw anyone in closer to God. Quite the opposite, when we behave like a gaggle of wild animals and can’t treat each other with dignity and respect. How could we possibly reach out to have influence, touching the lives of people who are hopelessly lost? Or, maybe that’s just the point of planet earth… it’s just as important for those who “believe” to try to stay on the straight and narrow trail as it is for those who are a “lost cause.”

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Isaiah 26:3

Being at peace with learn-as-you-go-mode…

  • Recognize that you’re going to run into obstacles. Consider these snowdrifts to be opportunities.
  • Don’t be afraid of taking a risk… ask questions… listen for the truth… and offer grace.
  • Savor wisdom… both the easy lessons and the difficult ones.

The rewiring project..

Learn-as-you-go mode.

In many ways, I’m still there.

Maybe you are too?

Can we be at peace with that thought?

I’m going to focus thought on the season of joy and to make Jesus love now… sticking with the plan!