The greatest investment we make in life is how we use our time. How we plan, share and use our time tells a story about who we are, what our priorities are, what we are investing our life in… and what story our life will ultimately tell. The greatest investment of our time is in other people… In Whom Are You Investing?

I can think of the following 3 groups of people who I should be investing in:

  • The people who are within my circle of influence. These are generally those folks who are within the outer 3 circles in  The 4 Circles And The Great Beyond . I may at times be more intentional about some of these investments than others. One of my personal goals is to invite more new people to check out our church. Another is my deep commitment to spending time with my family.
  • The people who lie outside my circle of influence. Influence on this group of people is extremely subtle and at the same time may be considered the most important. I can run across these opportunities to invest in people virtually anywhere. If I’m focused on this group I can even bring some of these people into my circle of influence. These are also the people who make casual observations about my walk and me in general. These observations and/or our casual direct interactions can have an impact on the impressions people will make on Christians in general… so I have to keep working on me to make sure that I am going to make a good impression and one that honors God.
  • Me – I need to take the lead in this investment and make sure that I am focused on staying in a growing relationship with Jesus. I also need to stay connected with a solid group of believers as they will be investing in me (and visa versa).

In Whom Are You Investing?

How do you let the people who are most important in your life know it?