Tag: Forgiveness

The Beauty of Second Chances

I believe in second chances. Where the heck would I be without one? Nowhere. Exactly. Maybe whatever happened the first time around was out of your control. For instance, say your spouse passed away. Does that mean God wants you...

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My Greatest Sin

Writing down what our sins are may not always be something we’re comfortable with. However, if you keep a personal journal it may be helpful to jot them down as writing can help you reflect on them. I recently tried to...

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The Forgiveness Prayer

I few weeks ago I wrote “Having A Heart,” inspired after reading Andy Andrews “The Heart Mender.” The jist of it was to try and provide help forgiving someone after they have hurt you. Remember, forgiving is for YOU and...

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Having a Heart

Just blazed through Andy Andrews’ new book, The Heart Mender. In less than a day during my spare time. I’ve never been one to do this, but this one is truly a masterpiece that I couldn’t put down. The subtitle, a story of...

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Clouds In My Coffee

Andie: Unattached? Ben: Currently. Andie: Likewise. Ben: Surprising. Andie: Psycho? Ben: Rarely, Interested? Andie: Perhaps. Ben: Hungry? Andie: Starving. Ben: Leaving? Andie: Now? How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days. It’s the 2003...

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“I Twitter”