file0001657982077I believe in second chances. Where the heck would I be without one? Nowhere. Exactly.

Maybe whatever happened the first time around was out of your control. For instance, say your spouse passed away. Does that mean God wants you to be alone? Of course not! It’s simply a season of change, albeit a difficult one.

Sometimes relationships end for the wrong reason. You shared the same values and dreams but, for whatever reason, someone gave up. After careful consideration, you realized that you blew it. Hey, we all mess up at times. You may have to rebuild trust or communicate better. Is that worthwhile? If you still have feelings and there is an emotional attachment and attraction, maybe it’s time to give it another go.

Whatever the reason or circumstances we all deserve a second chance. God only wants the best for us. Is your heart prepared to receive the blessing?

God gives us a second chance… and then some! That’s why He sent Jesus, right? We’re all hopeless without the second chance offered through the blood of Christ.

When life doesn’t work out the way we anticipated it’s often how we react that says something important about us. Do you believe in second chances?

How to proceed with a second chance?

– Focus on forgiveness. Whether it’s God or someone else that we need to forgive, this is likely an element. Maybe you need to forgive yourself too? We can forgive since God first forgave us.

– Be committed to openness and don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Respect? Sure. Humbly show respect. Have the kindness to suck it up and get back in the ring. That’s called teamwork.

Giving someone or yourself a second chance may be the best decision you’ve ever made, and provide the best that life has to offer. Don’t be afraid of second chances… the response and results may just surprise you!

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