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My grandparents taught me how to play cards. We played a game called rummy 500. My brother and I would play this and a few other games with them for hours. It was a bonding sort of experience, this card game was for us.

I’ve played some other card games, like most people, but was never much of a gambler. I like pinochle. Trouble is, nobody knows how to play. It’s complicated, taking a long time to learn and play as well. The deck isn’t even a normal deck of cards, it’s a combination of parts of 4 different decks, that’s the 80-card version. Yep, kinda strange alright. I guess I found other fruitful activities and ways to connect with people than playing cards.

Most card games involve holding something in your hand that is of great value, and using that card or combination at the appropriate time to win the hand. For instance, if you get tossed a 2 of diamonds, and it goes with nothing else in your hand, it is probably pretty meaningless… unless you’re a diamond collector. Boom Choco Boom!! (that’s Wal-Mart lingo for a win – I LOVE Wal-Mart because my church is in a former Wal-Mart. Well, we think that’s pretty cool, praise God).

In life we are sometimes dealt “the God card.” What’s that? The God card may be an epiphany ahh haa moment, a blessing or prayer answered, or instructions from Him to do something. In whatever form we receive it, and whatever it is, we now have something that requires an action, communication, a change or shift. It requires us to make a play. The good Lord is showing us His will, or ready to make something happen.

With cards, there is a certain amount of chance or luck, and there is also quite a bit of skill in knowing the odds of different combinations, and memorization of cards that may have already been played, etc. So, that can make it fun and interesting, if you’re into math and probabilities. Being dealt the God card has nothing to do with luck or skill. We can pray about it and see what happens, that’s a good thing. We may also draw close to Him and receive His blessing. There are many more combinations here than there are cards, even in the Pinochle deck!

When we play cards only one person wins a hand, or maybe two people win if you’re playing partners. When we throw down the God card, it’s a win for everyone. This is something that impacts a person’s life, and while it may be good or bad in the temporary sense, often there is a shift that happens immediately afterward that is like shuffling the deck and getting ready for another hand of cards.

Throwing down the God card usually means the future looks completely different that it did before. Everything changes. When you throw down the God card you’re all in. There is no bluffing it with the God card. The information stems from truth and is so meaningful that our outlook and vision changes. Everything changes. It can be extremely personal, or go viral in a hot second.

If you’ve ever been dealt the God card there is no doubt about how to play it. You’ll know exactly what needs to happen and how to proceed. Maybe you’ve been dealt the God card before and didn’t play it… what? Yep, it happens. Why? Well, lets just say that our game plan doesn’t always match up to God’s will. Hey, if you ever get dealt the God card, I would encourage you to play it. Even if you don’t think it’s in your best interest, it is. Could you imagine being dealt a royal flush in poker and folding? It just doesn’t happen, right? Just saying…

Take note: when you throw down the God card, lives change. Mountains move. The earth speaks, and the angels and demons take note. You’re playing a heavy hand that is omnipotent. Things are going to change.

Finally, a word to the wise: if you’re throwing a wild card and calling it a God card, beware. This bluff isn’t going to fly. Tsunami alert! Find the nearest tornado shelter. Batten down the hatches. Katie bar the door, because there’s no tellin’ how that will all shake out.

Whatever happens, you can rest assured that it will be good, and to His glory when we play the God card.

Have you ever been dealt the God card? How did you play it?