If I'm storing up my treasure in heaven, did whoever said I can't take it with me get it all wrong?

“The cloud is the future of all data storage.” It’s the mantra on the street these days.

It just makes sense, right? I mean, we can store all of our stuff in one place, and then be able to access it from wherever… from our various gadgets, without having to overwrite redundant copies… they say it’s safer than storing data on your own computer… no need to backup yourself…

This stuff is an endowment on the level of cutting edge intellect!

Or, is it possibly just ho-hum old news?

Many of us are in the process of moving our storage to the cloud. I use some cloud storage for my stuff… I wrote this post in Evernote, a cloud concept. I even accessed in from multiple devices and locations! It was extremely convenient. Ta-Da!! The current version always at my fingertips…

Storage in the cloud isn’t exactly a buzzy new concept though… nope, it didn’t kick in just last year either… this idea has been around for a pretty good poke!

Our eyes are the lens through which we see…

I really care about my stuff. God has filled me with love and I hope to share that with other people through my writing.

Yep, my writing and the rest of my goods are important to me, and I’m pretty sure that your stuff is important to you too! We all care a lot about our stuff. That’s just being a responsible steward, right?

For where your treasures are, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

Ok… so the place where I’m storing up my treasures… it has something to do with my heart too?

I know I want my heart to be in the right place.

This “stuff” that we treasure… from my example, my writing… I’m storing it in the cloud. Yes, I’m referring to Evernote here… in part… but I also believe we could think of this concept in terms of storing up treasure in heaven… being on board for the long-term.

If my heart is filled with love and the lens is focused on God shouldn’t I be fully invested in heaven? Or maybe I can just think of this as viewing everything through Jesus’ perspective. Certainly it should all honor him, right?

This thought is easily conveyed when thinking of our treasures… extending it to honor him in all we do… that’s wrapping our arms all the way around it with a big squeezie hug that generates a glow…

Continuing on in Matthew Chapter 6…

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.

… now that’s good insight!

Are you fully invested in the cloud? What do you see when you look at storage?