The Noticer is Andy Andrews book centered on the journey of a man named Jones (no Mr… just Jones) who shares wisdom on how proper perspective can get you through life’s challenges.

This story takes place over the period of decades, and Jones, the sage-of-a-guy, always appears the same. “A unique soul with angelic-like qualities,” no one is quite sure of Jones’ age or race. Shrouded in mystery, he casually bops in and out of the small town of Orange Beach, Alabama.

Jones has the gift of noticing things that other people miss, touching their lives by giving them a new perspective… starting with Andy himself. Andy was homeless, living under a pier, at the time Jones entered his life. Jones hands Andy a series of books to read, disappearing and then reappearing to continue to educate Andy and before you know it Andy is on his feet and shining brightly.

An amazing inspirational story, Jones touches the lives of a struggling married couple, teenagers, businesspeople facing bankruptcy, and many other people struggling through the obstacles of life. Jones teaches that no matter how bad things look, it’s all in how you look at things that helps to keep life’s many challenges in perspective.

Andy’s next masterpiece is The Heart Mender, scheduled to be out next week. This is a very powerful story of second chances and forgiveness that I believe will be his best work yet. Be sure to check this one out!