We all know the earth moves, but these rocks defy logic.

The rocks of Racetrack Playa.

These rocks have legs.

They’ve got some get up and go.

How exactly do they get around?

Here’s the low down:

Racetrack Playa is located in Death Valley National Park in California. The Playa is an extremely flat lakebed that is usually dry. The sediment at the surface of this dry lake bed is uniformly fine… silt and clay sized particles. Following an infrequent rain, when these fine sediments get wet, they become very slick. As the rain evaporates and infiltrates… and when a big wind blows in… the rocks go vroom vroom.

Burn rubber!

Rocks on the go… vroom vroom!!

Have you ever seen rocks on the go… landslide, earthquake, Racetrack Playa?