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Rachael and her lil' sis Allie

I’m writing today as a contributor to the Christian Writers Blog Chain. Our theme for this month is “Leap.” Christianwriters.com is an excellent place to network if you’re a Christian writer or author.

“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” Rachael , my daughter. Today is her 21st Happy Birthday… and seeing as she was a huge fan of frogs, it’s time to run with Leap-Frog 🙂

I’m going to hop on over to Rachael’s world…

If I were a frog… that thought must have run through Rachael’s mind a time or two…

If I were a frog… what would I do?

Oooo to be a frog…

living the frogs life…

… leap… obviously…

leap would be my mode of transportation…

I could play outside all day long!

I would also eat some bugs… having a tasty bug or two would help keep me nimble and quick… quick as a frog.

I would hang out with other frogs… toads… croakers…

Frogs like rainy days… or so it seems since they come out of hiding when it rains…

A “leap” to me is moving forward with positive momentum… with the assistance of like-minded frogs.

Learning leap-frog as a kid was fun and exciting…

Leap frog required that you:

  • Believe in yourself. There are so many examples of taking a mighty leap when you’re a kid… learning to ride a bike with no training wheels… the first day of school… kissing an… eeeeks…. frog? … or was that actually Prince Charming?
  • Believe in your friends. You can’t play leap-frog by yourself. It just doesn’t work. Rachael has done an outstanding job of surrounding herself with a good group of froggers. They’re frogtastic! We are one… one body… one faith… one amphibian. Like-minded frogs speak the same language… when we are one that speak is universal ribbit… there’s just no getting around it.

I admire Rachael… she identifies with the most important part of life… and boldly finds a way.

When was your bold moment of leap-frog growing up, when you took the leap of faith?

Christian Writers Blog Chain

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Book Review: Surprised By Laughter by Terry Lindvall, Ph.D.

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Surprised By Laughter by Terry Lindvall, Ph.D., is subtitled “The comic world of C.S. Lewis.” As I am a huge fan of C.S. Lewis, so I thought this would be a great book to check out. I think it would be excellent for anyone who is a student of Lewis and would like to know a wealth of information about him. In that regard, this work is well done!

Lewis knew that not all laughter was good, and he knew how to focus in the right direction. Lindvall states, “We are created for our neighbors, to be in a loving and joyous community with one another. And here we discover that both good laughter and love have a tendency to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Jokes are shared and passed on. Laughter draws and gathers a sad world to its center. The sounds of laughter heard in another room will jerk the interest and curiosity of the hearer, and may, without any logic, draw the stranger in and elicit a sympathetic smile.”

This is a big book… 450 pages. It is well written and intellectual. I found the book to start off slow… and as I read on the work brought a deeper understand of and appreciation for C.S. Lewis and his humor. The book is divided into 6 parts: The Idea And The Legacy; Joy; Fun; The Joke Proper; Satire And Flippancy; and, Conclusion: The Laughter Of Love. All good stuff!!

Do you like C.S. Lewis? What books are you reading now?

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Top Commenters For January 2012

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Created with wordle.net

January came and went in a flash for me… unbelievable that it’s February 1. I wrote 15 posts last month, 6 of them in the post series The Hydrologic Cycle And Your Heart. Moving forward for the next few months, God willing, the blog material should return to the usual diverse mix of my daily adventure.

I’m very thankful for the folks who stop by and share here at I’m Just Thinkin’. In recognition of the most frequent visitors who are leaving comments I’m sending the following books out to the top 3 this month:

Here’s a list of the top 10:

Carol Peterson (14)
Dan Black (11)
Christine Niles (5)
Arny Sanchez (3)
Traci B (3)
Adam (2)
Michael Galloway (2)
Tracy Krauss (2)
Adam Collings (1)
Chris Henderson (1)

Onward to February my friends 🙂

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Exegesis, Eisegesis & Use Of The Word

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"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God" 1 John 3:1

This is big boy church lingo that many people have never heard. I hadn’t, and as someone who is not a theologian I’m not sure I ever would have except for reading it in Chan’s Forgotten God.

It’s the two ways or schools of thought on applying material from the Bible…

Exegesis – Seek first the true meaning of the text and then figuring out how to apply it in our daily life.

Eisegesis – The subjective “drawing in,” or reading into the text our own ideas. Chan describes this as “you start with an idea or conviction, and search for Bible verses to prove your point.”

There is so much information in the Bible, and in many circumstances we can find verses that even seem to conflict. I have to make sure to keep the information within its proper context.


  • Do I go there seeking wisdom? I have questions and need to find answers. This can be trouble if we are looking to make a point… I need to be mindful of trying to improve me when seeking wisdom, and by using wisdom to help others in a positive way. Continually seeking wisdom is a good thing… I need to keep learning.
  • Do I go there seeking enrichment? This reminds me of an organized reading plan, like reading through the Bible in a year. “Living By The Book,” by Dr. Howard G. and William D. Hendricks is an excellent resource to find out more about reading and learning from the Bible.

I think we do both… seek wisdom and enrichment… when we are healthy believers looking to grow in our faith.

How do you read the Bible?

Do you have a specific study guide that you use to help you learn His Word?

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The Biblical Characters of Gilligan’s Island

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Andy Andrews got me started on this train of thought… wondering which Biblical personality each character from Gilligan’s Island most resembled. I woke up last night and… shazam!!… I finally nailed these matches down:

Surely Skipper and Professor could have put one of these together, right?

Gilligan is Jonah – Yes, “Little Buddy” is the one most likely to be swallowed by the whale. Additionally, he is continually in the mindset of avoidance. Here’s what I really love about Gilligan: He was humble… he didn’t particularly want to be stranded on the desert isle… however, he was content… plus, he is redeemed for God’s glory… did you know that Gilligan actually saved the Skipper by pushing him away from a loose depth charge while they were both serving in the U.S. Navy? I’m guessing Gilligan has a Popeye tattoo on his right shoulder… along with an anchor inscribed with “A Fisher Of Men!” on the left.

Skipper would be Noah – No brainer with that one. However, for the sake of saving the cast and crew, Skipper needs to get busy building a new ark to take them all home… instead of filling the TV network’s coffers and milking the series for another season as a castaway. Interesting trivia… did you know the character “Skipper’s” name in the series was Captain Jonas Grumby? No wonder they just called him Skipper!

Professor. I’m guessing the prof. would have been a prophet. The Professor was mild-mannered… and brilliant. Uber smart. Gismo’s galore. Always had the right answer. Got a question? Ask the Professor. Ok, so he was also just collecting a paycheck on this island… a guy that smart surely could have come up with a successful exit strategy. I am pretty gullible but you can’t fool me that Skipper and Professor couldn’t have built a boat. Hmmm, a prophet… but which one? I’m going with Elisha because this prophet had a heart to serve. The Professor was a ready resource for all stranded on the island… all, that is, that could figure out what this geeky scientist was saying.

Ginger is The Woman At The Well – For some reason I can’t get it out of my mind… the episode when Ginger is seducing the Professor. btw, I never really envisioned the woman at the well as being attractive, but I guess she must have been to be the seductress who was married 5 times.

Mary Ann is simply Mary. Mary Ann was sweet… nice… real… everything a Godly man could ever ask for. I like Mary Ann (does it show?). Show me a Mary Ann and I’m ready in a flash to shove off to the nearest deserted tropical island… with Mary Ann, that is!

Mrs. Howell. I’ve always wondered why Mrs. Howell had so much material packed onboard the S.S. Minnow for just a 3-hour tour. I’m pretty sure her trinkets were just a smattering in comparison to her jewelry box… er, treasure chest at home. But who in the Bible? Clue: Thurston called her “lovey.” Her real character name? Get this… Eunice. Eunice was Timothy’s mother in the Bible. It is believed that Eunice’s strong faith influenced Timothy to greatness. I’m thankful for “Lovey” Eunice.

Thurston Howell III is… well.. wealthy. Dripping in Rich-ness. In the worldly way, even his palmetto hut had an air of extravagance. If you can get over the Mr. Magoo thing, stay with me as I’m liking Mr. Howell to Zacchaeus. Remember, Zacchaeus was the short, wealthy man in the Book of Luke… a lost man who Jesus, in His typical style, hung out with and changed…

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” Luke 19:10… that includes you and me… in addition to every Thurston Howell III who ever lived… and believed.

… and so the lost castaways were found…

The end.

Do any of these Gilligan’s Island characters remind you of someone in the Bible?

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