Twitter: How Far To Reach?

I’m on “learn as you go” mode with Twitter. It’s been a while since I’ve written about Twitter, and since I’ve made some changes on how I manage my Twitter account I thought I would write about it again.

first a random thought…

– it seems like there has been an influx of new people on Twitter over the past few months, I’ve noticed it locally here in Jacksonville… more and more people are using Twitter to self-promote, network and engage with their audience. Very Cool !!

and today’s thought on Twitter: How Far To Reach For Influence? …

– I occasionally have some pretty strange follows… and I’m not totally settled on how to handle some of these. Obviously the ones that are just trash I block, or remove. However, part of my objective of my writing is to have influence with outsiders (i.e., people who are currently in The Great Beyond, and outside my 4 Circles)…

so I was Thinkin’… How Far To Reach For Influence?

Whenever I think of this question I go back to a statement our Pastor made at church not long ago… I forget his exact words but someone mentioned to him something to the effect that we have non-believers attending our church… a statement made in a negative way… and how incredibly awesome that really is!

Sometimes it seems we are so hung up with making just the right impression we loose focus of the big picture. There are certainly a variety of uses for social media, a large part of my objective is to share the Gospel. My Twitter is set up as a public account, and not really like a private club, so if I truly want to reach The Great Beyond and share the Gospel, should I block folks who follow me when they may not be just like me? Since I’m not following them back, why should it matter who is following me? I would really like to have influence with all kinds of people.

How do you feel about Twitter, like it or is it for the birds?

Do you believe it matters who is following your Twitter account?