The distinction between living out our “what if” and simply pondering over it is a defining moment in life. (Click To Tweet)

Image courtesy of Eric Allix Rogers

Image courtesy of Eric Allix Rogers

It is a sacred romance with a nugget of a voice that speaks to us from within. It speaks to our heart, our mind, and also to our soul. It’s the voice that makes us realize we are not of this world because we yearn for something more.

“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” C.S. Lewis

I’m pretty high on this C.S. Lewis guy. He’s more than another Dr. Phil self-help dude. He makes my mind hum. I connect with him like a plug fits snug in a socket. He brings me to a better place by explaining concepts in a way that I can readily understand.

So the last book I wrote was one about the heart… “The Wellspring Of Life” is based on Proverbs 4:23 – guard your heart…

If you’ve read The Wellspring you know by now it wasn’t written as a defensive posture encouraging one to build a wall, but focusing more on the positive traits of a healthy heart. So you may not be too surprised that my next book is actually going to be about your heart as well; If I had to sum this book up into two words it’s going to be “what if?”

What if…

… that’s right, two words described as having the power to haunt you the rest of your life…

There is good news with “what if” – these words don’t have to haunt you any more.

What if we had the wisdom to find our calling?

What if we felt it in our heart and then had the courage to follow it?

It’s going to be about all that and much more… how God relentlessly pursued one man… and won.

You are being called to live a bigger life. Answer the call. Playing small does not serve you. – Les Brown

You should be playing.

You should be playing well.

You should be playing for keeps.

That’s tuning in to “what if?”

Do you ever hear a voice calling “what if?” ??