I had the pleasure of having the guys from my small group over to my Man Cave this week.

So I whipped up one of my favorite recipes, Shrimp Creole. I add turkey bacon to the recipe but otherwise this recipe is basically the same as the version that I’ve been making for a decade. A little on the spicy side.

I’m thinkin’ that the guys either really like it or were really hungry. Or maybe both. They chowed down!

Since then I heard We Are Hungry while jamming to Steve Fee on Pandora… and it made me think of the brothers and sisters from Church. We do life together and that’s a very special feeling for me. And we’re very passionate about our relationship with Jesus. Serving Him. Worshiping Him. Growing in our relationship with Him. And that’s the way I believe it should be.

Hmmm, so now I’m thinkin’ I’m really hungry too… Hungry for More of You! I simply can’t get enough…

“Lord I want more of You

Living water rain down on me

Lord I need more of You

Living breath of life come fill me up

We are hungry

We are hungry

We are hungry for the more of You

We are thirsty, oh Jesus

We are thirsty for the more of You”

What does being Hungry bring to mind to you?

Are you Hungry?

Are you Hungry for more of Him?