Will you be taking the next step?

Will you be taking the next step?

Easter is a special kind of holiday for many. As we remember Jesus and what He did for us on the cross, we’re reminded that we have an opportunity for a new beginning.

He gave us hope.

We remember that, without Jesus, we would be lost.

There are no exceptions.

God’s finished work in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is our opportunity to step through the open door where He stands waiting.

It’s up to each of us to decide, and take the first step.

Incredible miracles happen each and every day. Sometimes it seems like God’s will is so obvious we should just know how to proceed, but we resist. When we finally decide to do things His way… the pieces fall into place… good things start to happen. It is very much like what Psalm 22 says, we step from suffering to joy.

You can be sure there will be new challenges ahead.

Few would offer testimony that the way of the follower of Jesus is always an easy road.

Worthwhile? Indeed.

Psalm 22 is a neat little package that includes posterity… encouragement to look beyond our own situation to share the riches of abundance with the future generations. The greatest example to them is how we live our lives… every day of the week.

The Easter conversation at the family dinner… did you go to church? Seeing in the mind’s eye to a personal relationship with Jesus… and the invitation that is open to everyone.


Taking the spirit of remembrance all the way around the calendar.

It Is Finished.

Is there anything holding you back from finishing strong?