God puts passions in our heart, and finding our spiritual gifts and putting them to work defines who we are.

I’ve spent 20 years working as a geologist, in consulting. Several of the key people who drew me closer to God were introduced to me during my career and directly through work.

If you think about it, my education as a scientist could directly conflict with my faith. This part of the story is still unfolding for me and that’s something that I’m very excited about, and something that I believe God is encouraging me to explore and share.

The relevance of my scientific background, Darwinism and evolution, the age of the earth, and so many associated questions. Some of these questions are still there in my mind. I am resolving many of them through time.

For me, my faith has grown so strong that the relative importance of these questions is now insignificant in comparison to the God that I worship, the REAL passion in my life.

Yet, I believe, at the same time, resolving these issues and, in doing so, leading others to understand and accept our Lord and Savior, is part of my purpose in Him.

What questions do you have that may block you from being fully committed to God? Is there anything in your life that stands in the way to a closer relationship with Him?